Dig into one of the most exciting, delicious and lavish spread of buffets available in Bangalore. Yes, at Zaica, you can savour the richness of true North Western Frontier cuisine while soaking in the thoughtfully designed interiors which is rich, warm and elegant. You can also experience the warmth and generosity of our hospitality.


Irresistible Spread of Indian Delicacies
Eat as much you want! The spread is lavish ranging from Chaats, Pani Puri to kababs, soups, mains and gravies, Biryani and some awesome desserts. Our buffet includes a salad spread, three vegetarian and three non-vegetarian starters, choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian steaming soups, four vegetarian gravies, three non-vegetarian side dishes. 

You can enjoy these starters and side dishes with a wide choice of Indian breads, non-vegetarian Biryani, vegetarian flavoured rice or steamed rice.

To finish this wonderful meal, you can satisfy your cravings for sweets with six types of desserts.

Zaica at Chennai offers many more starters and varieties to satiate your cravings. Dig into more exciting North Indian delicacies

Buffet Prices


Lunch Buffet – Rs 503 all inclusive

Dinner Buffet – Rs 563 all inclusive


Buffet – Rs 653 all inclusive!

Zaica Fine Dine: Fabulous Buffets

Give yourself a treat as you dig into one of the most exciting, delightful, and lavish buffets spread here at Zaica Fine Dine! Our fine dining is known for our specialty: an authentic taste of North Western Frontier Cuisine. But, as we extend our influence and add more branches, so does our menu. See below our list of newly added cuisines. 

Buffet Prices


  • Lunch: 12:00 NN – 3:30 PM
  • Dinner: 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Chennai CityLunch BuffetRs 503 all inclusive
Dinner BuffetRs 563 all inclusive
Bangalore CityLunch and Dinner BuffetRs 653 all inclusive

Our Fabulous Buffets

Here at our restaurant, you eat like a champion! See our lavish buffets spread from Indian delicacies to other ethnic and regional cuisines.

To tourists, we hope that you’ll like Zaica’s brief guide to each dish. 

North Western Frontier cuisine

The North-West Frontier was a province of British India and now in Pakistan. It was formed in 1901, and later on, it changed its name in 2010 as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Although the province brought strategic importance during the 2nd World War, its cuisine is broadly known for its simplicity, clarity in presentation, and use of fragrant spices. Today, the food in this region shares sameness among the styles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Punjab. Below is our offered NWF food.

  • Snack specials: Start your buffet with our light and easy to eat snacks.
    • Panipuri (gol gappa): Puri is a deep-fried crisp crepe that is soaked in pani. Pani is a mixture of flavoured water, chutney, chili powder, chaat masala, potato mash, onion and chickpeas. This food is a bite-sized, ball-shaped snack.
    • Chaat: One of the most popular snacks in India as it can be bought elsewhere. It has a variety of versions that are seen in roadside food stalls or food carts. But, its main ingredients are a mixture of potato pieces, fried bread, gram or chickpeas, and tangy-salty spices. Here in Zaica, we have different types of chaat, such as Aloo chaat, Aloo tikki, Bedmi, and Papri chaat.
  • Tandoori specials: Our wide range of meat is prepared by soaking in a mixture of yogurt, spices, garlic, honey, and lemon. Then, they are roasted over a charcoal fire in tandoor.
    • Tandoori Chicken
    • Tandoori Prawns
    • Tandoori Fish: Pomfret and Fanfish
    • Tandoori Aloo Gobi (vegan version)
  • Curry specials: The curry dish is from the Indian subcontinent. Meat and or veggies are flavoured with a complex mix of spices and herbs, such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, and chilies.
    • Mutton Curry: A curry dish that has marinated goat meat and vegetables.
    • Chicken Rezala Curry: A classic dish that is very much linked in Mughlai and Bengali cuisine. Its meat is flavoured with different spices, nut pastes, and creamy yogurt. 
  • Tikka Masala specials: It is a creamy curry dish of chunks of meat (and sometimes veggies) roasted and soaked in a spiced curry. Its main ingredients are meat, yogurt, cream, ginger, and spices. It’s best served at a hot temperature.
    • Lamb
    • Chicken
    • Fish
    • Paneer
  • Dal specials: Unlike with Tikka and Curry dishes, Dal food does not require pre-soaking. But, this broad dish mainly uses dried, split pulses (lentils, peas, and beans) that are simmered for many hours. Zaica’s Dal specials are in the forms of soups, meats, and finger snacks. 
    • Dal makhani: A soup with the ingredients of whole black lentils, red kidney beans, and copious amounts of butter and cream. 
    • Dal bukhara: A lentil curry soup with black lentils, spices, tomatoes, and fresh cream and butter.
  • Biryani specials: A well-known Indian dish, biryani has tons of culinary versions adopted by different cultures and regional styles. It is a mixed rice dish with nuts, dried fruits, eggs, potatoes, veggies, meat, and is sometimes topped with creamy curry sauce. Here in Zaica, we also offer you a vegan biryani option.
  • Kebab specials: A classic and world-renowned Middle Eastern dish, kebabs are known for its simple cooking and famed for its high-quality meat and variants. Traditional kebab uses mutton or lamb meat, wherein small cubes of meat are cooked on a skewer over a fire.
  • Desserts: Indian sweets and desserts are called mithai. The majority of the country’s desserts are fried food made with sugar and condensed milk. 
    • Kheer: An Indian subcontinent pudding dessert that is made of boiling milk, sugar, and rice. It is sometimes topped with dry fruits and flavoured with coconut milk.
    • Kulfi: It is often named as ‘traditional Indian ice cream’. It is also served in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Middle East. Its main distinction from Western ice cream is that kulfi is denser and creamier. Its traditional flavours are mostly fruit-based.
    • Malpua: A pancake served either as a dessert or snack.

Asian cuisine

Main dishes: 

  • Gyoza: Filled with meat and vegetables then covered with a thin wrapper, gyoza is a Japanese dumpling version that was adopted from China. It’s juicy on the inside, and crispy and golden-brown on the outside.
  • Takoyaki: One of the most known street dishes in Japan, it is basically an octopus ball covered with batter and is filled with minced ginger, green onions, and tempura scraps.
  • Ramen noodles: It is a Japanese noodle soup. In a bowl, you’ll see wheat noodles served in meat-based broth, often flavoured with soy sauce, and is usually topped with slices of meat, nori, green onions, and eggs. 
  • Pho noodles: This one is a Vietnamese noodle. Its noodles are dried, translucent and shaped like linguine pasta. Its soup is made from meat-based broth and has several other toppings, such as veggies and slices of meat.
  • Bibimbap: It is a Korean white rice dish that has several colourful ingredients. The term ‘bibim’ means mixing. So, when you are served with this dish, you are to mix all of the ingredients together.
  • Kimchi: One of the famous staples in Korean cuisine. It’s a traditional vegetable side dish, but sometimes mixed with white rice and other meals. Its vegetables, such as napa cabbage and radish, are salted and fermented with a wide range of seasonings.
  • Sushi: Sushi is a dish of prepared vinegared rice along with a variety of ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables. Sushi has many, many options and they differ based on their sizes, design, and appearance. Here in Zaica, our sushi table has nigiri, norimaki, gunkan maki, and temaki.
  • Tempura: A typical Japanese dish where different types of seafood (mostly shrimps), meat, and vegetables are battered and deep fried.


  • Mochi: Mochi is made of mochigome, glutinous rice, a bit of water and sugar, and cornstarch. It tastes like a marshmallow, but sugarless.
  • Anmitsu: This dessert is made from agar-agar jelly then is poured over with a sweet black syrup. We also add fruit berries, mochi, and ice cream.
  • Halo-Halo: This is one of the most celebrated desserts in the Philippines. In English, it’s translated as ‘mix-mix’. Once served with this colourful treat, you are to mix its many ingredients, such as crushed ice, evaporated milk, ube (purple yam), sweetened beans, coconut strips, sago, gulaman, and various slices of fruits.

Italian cuisine


  • Gelato: The term literally means ‘ice cream’. But, what makes it so special is its healthy ingredients. It has a lower fat content as well as lesser air, which gives more density and rich flavouring than any other ice creams.
  • Panna cotta: The dessert name means ‘cooked cream’. It’s a mixture of sweetened cream and gelatine. Sometimes, it’s topped with fruit filling.

Things you should know

What is a buffet?

For every food enthusiast, a buffet is a perfect choice and place for you. You get to taste a variety of food that ranges from different cuisines — by region, ethnicity, and religion. And all of which are at an affordable price!

A buffet is a food system that serves meals in a public area where the diners serve themselves. In France, it’s called Service à la française. It means ‘service in the French style’. A buffet is usually offered in hotels, restaurants, and social events. As for Zaica Fine Dining, we offer you an eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant.

A guide to make the most out of your eat-all-you-can buffet

Here are some handy tips that could help you enjoy our all-you-can-eat buffet section.

  • Pre-buffet: Prepare your stomach. So, eat a light meal before you enter our buffet spread.
  • Set the time: Lunchtime is when we are in our hungriest state. Plus, you will have enough time to digest the food that you’ve eaten prior to bedtime. 
  • Small servings: Zaica gives you plenty of time to taste our meals and desserts. So, always get small portions of every food, more so if you’re new to it. 

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