Authentic Taste Of North Western Frontier Cuisine

The Zaica Philosophy

Zaica is fine dining experience in delicious, wholesome, Punjabi, Awadhi and Tandoori cuisines. To make it truly a fine dining experience, there is equal emphasis on a carefully selected menu for those who love North Western dishes, elegant decor, and the finest in services. Zaica stands out for its wide buffet spread and for its diverse choice of cocktails.


We truly believe that North West Frontier Cuisine is all about love and generosity with oodles of pure, fresh ingredients.

Hospitality in the North is warm, traditional and rich. It comes from the freshest and purest of dairy ladled out generously in every dish.

This is the perfect restaurant to enjoy great dining experiences with family, friends and children.


Our Customers

HNS Hotels Pvt Ltd


HNS Group is committed to provide high quality eating out experiences and spans different formats to suit varying tastes and budgets across a wide customer base.

Surendranath Kapoor, winner of the FHRAI “Young Entrepreneur” Award has built a wide base of eateries ranging from the youthful “Chai Galli” to the eclectic nightclub “Troika” to a fine dining experience at “Zaica”. The properties created by HNS Group are reputed to provide great quality cuisine with the finest ingredients.

Ranging from the classy and elegant fine dining or lounge experience to the Quick Service Restaurant and express model format, HNS Hotels has something to appease every mood and palate.

Today, HNS Group is spread over 19 outlets and has seven powerful brands ranging from QSRs to FDRs and is spread across Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Zaica Fine Dine: Welcome!

Welcome to Zaica Fine Dine, your top pick for authentic flavours of North-West Frontier cuisine! Here at Zaica Fine Dine, we offer the ultimate fine-dining experience without burning your wallet! Our beautiful ambience and exquisite menu will make you want to come back every time. 

Take a look at our specials, buffets, and live counters to satisfy your cravings. If you wish to book a table, kindly refer to our inquiries portal. 

The Zaica Philosophy

Zaica Fine Dine believes that world-class dining shouldn’t be sinful. In fact, our aim is to serve wholesome and authentic dishes from Punjabi, Awadhi, and Tandoori cuisines. 

We have an expertly crafted selection of dishes that were carefully prepared to keep its cuisine’s integrity. Our chefs place equal emphasis on every dish for all those who love northwestern flavours. Our guests are treated with a wide buffet spread and diverse selection of cocktails. 

The core of our philosophy is the marriage of great fine-dining experience and unmatched hospitality for our guests. This goal is made possible due to the passion our founders pour into their work.

Why dine with Zaica Fine Dine?

North-West Frontier cuisine is deeply rooted in the love for the purest of ingredients. Our chefs always make sure that every step of a dish’s process is carefully crafted. We take quality service very seriously and only want what is best for our guests. 

Not only do we serve signature dishes but we also pay great attention to detail. The ambience of Zaica Fine Dine is chic and elegant, making us one of the best providers of a perfect culinary experience. 

This is why all of our dishes and buffet spreads are made of only the freshest and purest of ingredients. Every guest will feel the immense respect we have for the traditions of northern Indian flavours. Zaica Fine Dine is perfect for every guest who wants to enjoy world-class dining that does not burn the wallet or the palette. 

About HNS Hotels

Zaica Fine Dine is a culinary unit of HNS Hotels Pvt. Ltd. It is a product of a passion for authentic dining experiences. Today, HNS Hotels Pvt. Ltd. runs a variety of restaurants that serve the most authentic and unforgettable dining experiences for every guest. 

Today, the HNS Group has ventures in the cities of Mysore, Chennai, and Bangalore. We are dedicated to quality service and approach in the F&B industry. We always make sure to be up to date with the pulse of the market. 

Zaica Fine Dine is at the forefront of North-West Frontier cuisine. We serve one of the most delectable signature dishes that satisfy food lovers and families from all over the world. If you want to take a bite of the best, come and dine with Zaica Fine Dine!