Zaica: Indian dishes you need to try

When people think about exotic food, India is without a doubt one of the highest on the list. It’s completely different compared to other dishes around the world and you can use the opportunity to explore different scents and flavours all while taking your taste buds on an incredible journey. 

If you ever find yourself wanting to taste the best Indian food in the area, why not pay us a visit here in Zaica? We pride ourselves in following recipes that are decades old and follow the traditions of the local cuisine. All that’s left is for you to take a seat and witness the magic for yourself. See some of the best Indian dishes you need to try below: 

Chicken curry 

You simply haven’t lived if you’ve never been able to try the real chicken curry from India. There are lots of restaurants all over the world that attempt to make their own version of the dish, but it’s always better to taste it from the real source. Try the traditional chicken curry here at Zaica and you’ll never want to try other curry variations again. 

Made with various spices like curry powder, chilli pepper, coriander, cumin and black pepper, traditional Indian curry is sure to satisfy those savoury and spicy cravings.

Biryani rice 

If the Japanese have their own kind of rice along with other countries around the world, the same can be said with Indian food. Compared to other types of grain, biryani rice has a longer shape and a unique flavour as well. It pairs perfectly with flavourful soups and stews or simply as a side dish to try ingredients. 

Biryani rice is common in lots of countries, but you should consider trying the real deal in Zaica. Pair it with some of our best dishes and you can taste fine Indian rice grains! 

Tandoori chicken 

Of course, every country has its own variety of chicken. In India, the tandoori chicken is well-known and eaten by thousands of people regularly. The dish is made with tender chicken pieces, yoghurt, paprika, lemon, ground meat, coriander and many more ingredients. It pairs well with rice and vegetables for that perfect balance. 


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys dumplings or burritos, then you can enjoy a combination of both when you try Indian samosas! These are small fried pieces of pastry that are stuffed with various fillings. You can have meat with it or try the vegetarian option for a healthier snack. 

Palak paneer 

For all of the vegetarians out there, there is also an Indian dish that is sure to make you swoon. Palak paneer is very common in most restaurants and features pureed spinach in a delicious stew. Other essential ingredients include paneer cheese, cream, cumin and coriander among many others. 

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