Zaica: Indian desserts you need to try

Here at Zaica, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of Indian dishes for our customers to enjoy. Aside from the usual savoury main courses and appetizers, we also offer a variety of desserts. 

Our chefs make sure that every recipe is authentic and made with only the best ingredients. To learn more, take a look at some of the best Indian desserts you need to try here at Zaica: 

  1. Kheer
    If you’re the type of person who likes pudding, Kheer is a must-try. The dish is made with boiled rice, sugar, and milk to create a creamy texture. When the right consistency is achieved, it is garnished with different toppings depending on your preference. These include nuts, dry fruits, and saffron. 
  2. Laddu
    All good things come in tiny, round packages. In India, people think of Laddu and incorporate it with happiness and celebrating festivals in the country. Laddu is made with a sticky rice concoction, sesame seeds, gram flour, and semolina. They can also range from different colours like orange or yellow. 
  3. Kaju Barfi
    For those who like eating nuts, then the traditional Kaju Barfi will take your taste buds on a journey. The main ingredient of this dessert is cashew and can also be made with chocolate and other nuts. Depending on how it’s made, this dessert is incredibly delicious and is known for being a great gift option. 
  4. Kulfi
    Satisfy your sweet tooth when you try India’s traditional version of ice cream! Kulfi is a delicious, cold treat made with cream, sugar, and natural flavours like saffron, pistachios, chocolate, and many more. If you want to add a little texture to the dish, you can add some nuts on top to make it even better! 
  5. Peda
    Another traditional sweet delight that India is known for is Peda. This is made with milk, sugar, and flour then rolled into the shape of a cookie. It features a soft and chewy centre and is topped off with more sugar and shaved nuts. While this is also a traditional dish found in Indian festivals, some of the best Peda can be found near religious buildings especially in the holy city of Mathura. 
  6. Soan Papdi
    For a simple yet satisfying dessert, India’s Soan Papdi is a must-try. Similar to cotton candy, this dish will melt in your mouth and explode with different flavours. It is made with gram flour, sugar and nuts. When cooked, you can add toppings to it like fruits and syrup. 

About Zaica

Delicious food is our mission here at Zaica. Ever since we first opened a few years ago, we have dedicated our lives to serving some of the best Indian food in the area. In particular, we specialize in Northwestern Frontier cuisine, which is known for its amazing flavours and fresh ingredients. 

For those interested in dining with us, don’t hesitate to send us a message to place a reservation! Beforehand, you can browse our website and check the different dishes we offer.

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