Zaica: How Indian cuisine sets itself apart from others

Zaica: How Indian cuisine sets itself apart from others

If you ever want to travel to India and indulge in its cuisine, the best place to do it is here in Zaica! We offer a wide variety of our local delicacies while providing world-class hospitality in a sophisticated and elegant ambience. To help entice your taste buds, we have compiled 3 things that make Indian cuisine different from others.


Probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of Indian food is its generous use of spices. We’re not just talking about the usual spices you put to taste like salt, pepper, etc., but a variety of spices like cardamom, clove and cassia bark just to name a few. 

What’s amazing is that locals use natural spices, not powdered ones. If they were to use powdered spices, they would grind the whole thing. Each spice carries a distinct taste and feel that results in a unique flavour when combined. 

These spices also contribute to the colourful dishes that India is known for. Aside from the spices mentioned above, here are some of the most commonly used spices in Indian cuisine:

  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Mustard seeds
  • Nutmeg and mace


The diversity of cultures in India can also be reflected in their dishes. From sweet desserts to savoury street foods, this country is begging to have its cuisine tasted by people around the world. Its dishes are so diverse that each region of the state has its style of menu.

There are some foods that will make you think that they won’t work together but when you taste them, your mind will be blown by how good they taste. The unthinkable combinations of different spices and ingredients make Indian cuisine different from the rest. 


The deliciousness that comes with an Indian dish does not come easy. It’s not a bad thing though as this adds to the uniqueness of its cuisine. Usually, you would need to exert a lot of time and effort in order for you to have the result that you desire. Some dishes involve intricate and complex processes just to get the right outcome. 

One perfect example of this is a dish called ‘Nihari’. It is a stew that contains different kinds of meat that are extremely tender and juicy. But to make it turn out that way, you would need to slow cook it overnight in a bunch of spices. The meats that are used in this dish are a combination of goat meat, chicken, beef or lamb and mutton, and some bone marrow.

Those are some of the reasons why Indian food is different from others, it is also the reason why it’s beloved by people all over the world. So many countries are putting their own spin on various Indian dishes but nothing quite beats the original thing. 

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