The Fancy Drinks We Offer

Looking for a place to satisfy your cravings? Well, you will never go wrong with Zaica restaurant. What makes us different from other restaurants is that we make sure that all of our dishes are made with fresh ingredients. After all, North West Frontier Cuisine is all about hospitality and tradition. 

We ensure that you will experience a superb dining experience with Punjabi, Awadhi, and Tandoori cuisines specially made by our talented cooks. There is also a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails to choose from. Some of these are: 

Citrus Strawberry Mocktail 

If you are a fan of strawberries, you will definitely love this drink. This refreshing drink is made with orange juice, icing sugar, sparkling powder, a hint of basil, and strawberries. It is also one of the best non-alcoholic drinks during the summer.  

Sparkling Cherry Limeade 

It is made with lime juice, lemon wedges, cherry juice, and sparkling water. It is also the best refreshing drink during hot summer days. You can also request if you want to add more cherry juice.  


It is a non-alcoholic drink made with sparkling white grape juice and orange juice mixed with mineral water. It is also usually garnished with a mint sprig. You can also request if you want to adjust the sweetness. 

Cherry Coketail Mocktail 

What makes this drink different from others is that it is made with Coca-Cola, cherry, vanilla, and lime. You can also choose if you want a regular or diet cola. It is also best paired with Rajasthani Kala Jaam. 

Raspberry Mint Limeade Mocktail 

If you are on a diet, this is the drink you are looking for. It is refreshing low in sugar mocktail drink made with club soda, mint, lime juice, and fresh raspberries. It is also best paired with Amritsari Kalakand. 

Mango Mule 

It is a non-alcoholic drink made with honey syrup, mango puree, fresh lime juice, honey syrup, and topped with slices of cucumber. Ginger beer is added by request. 

Sparkling Blood Orange Mocktail

It might not be obvious but it is a kind of healthy mocktail made with turmeric, maple syrup, club soda, rosemary syrup, blood orange juice, honey, and lime sparkling. What makes it a healthy drink is that blood oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. 

Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler 

It is a drink made with vodka, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, lime juice, amaretto, and ginger beer. Pomegranate ginger sparkler is actually known to have a festive twist compared to a classic cocktail. Candied ginger is also added to the rim of the glass. 

Berry Patch Mocktail 

It is a refreshing but relaxing drink made with blueberry, cranberry, and strawberry. It is also topped with a vanilla ice cream for more added flavour. Berry patch mocktail is also one of the best picks during summertime. 

What are you waiting for? Visit us and enjoy the mocktails and cocktails we offer. For reservations, check out our site for more information.  

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